How buy that for me works

If you would like help with buying something:

  1. You sign up for an account
  2. You publish a request for someone to buy something for you
  3. Interested members looking for ways to invest are notified by alerts
  4. Interested members ask you for information to assess the risk and benefits of buying for you
  5. Interested members make offers to buy what you asked for in exchange for a suitable schedule of payments
  6. You accept the best offer for you
  7. The contract is emailed to all parties and to any witnesses each party wants to send it to
  8. The investor is responsible to make an immediate payment to buy whatever is asked for and get it delivered to you
  9. Once you receive the goods / services you asked for, you record your receipt on the website
  10. Payments you make are direct to the other member via whatever methods you can arrange
  11. As payments are received by the other member, they can record payments on the website

If you could help others to buy things

  1. You sign up for an account and buy contract vouchers
  2. You search the requests for a suitable person to assist
  3. You build email alert rules for when new requests are published
  4. When you find someone you can help, then you can get in contact with them
  5. You decide that you want to buy for the other member what they asked for
  6. You make a binding offer using up one contract voucher
  7. If they accept your offer, you will be sent a copy of the contract you have now accepted
  8. You then arrange to get the necessary goods or services delivered and pay what is necessary for them
  9. Make sure that the other member adds a note of receiving them on the website
  10. Regularly record the status of debts owed to you on the website

Records are kept on the website for you to see all your obligations and rights. For this record keeping and for the facility of introducing potential creditors to potential debtors, there is a simple flat fee paid to per contract by the creditor via contract vouchers