Buy that for me provides a simple way to invest your money with predictable returns.
You choose how much risk to take by picking which requests for financial help to take up.
You choose what profit you need to make on any deal to justify the risk involved.
The potential for profit is in your hands. The amount you could get is clear. The requests are there waiting for you.

The Process

Find a request for buying on credit which is within your abilities listed on the site at

Send the requester (aka the potential customer) your contact details and a brief introduction via the website

The customer then contacts you and you can discuss their situation via email, phone, skype or whatever you agree

You can ask for access to their financial status and contact details directly on the website via clicking on "view status" on the request.

Once you are happy with the risks involved in dealing with that person, you can make an offer via the website. Here you can use a tool to pick the rate of profit you would like to get from the deal.

If they accept the offer then you can buy what it is they are asking for and arrange delivery to them.

It is up to you if you want the contract signed as well for extra assurance before you deliver the goods and services. You can also require witnesses when they sign.

Once the goods and services are delivered the customer should use the website to confirm they have received them. Adding a receipt to the website sets up records on the website of all debts due and allows users to rate each other's performance of their obligations in the contract

The customer then is bound by the contract to pay you the specific debts at the specified times. You may never need to contact them again, but it remains in your interest to ensure they can easily pay the agreed debts.

Tips for successful deals in

It is not a loan.

Do not just give money, you should always buy something for customers from a third party. This is because you are not making a loan and so should not see the contract as a loan. You can however pay bills for them including negotiating and paying off your customer’s debt with third parties. Paying third parties prevents people claiming that the money is for something which it is not. If you pay a hospital bill for treatment for someone you know exactly what the money is used for. Buying from third parties also helps to build trust between investor and customer.

Ensure your trade is legal and compatible with the situation of you and your customer.

It is your responsibility to ensure that agreements you make do not violate your, or your customer’s existing agreements including laws you or your customer are bound to obey wherever you both are. Prior and other obligations that your customers may have could take precedence over paying the debts to you. If you make agreements which contradict other obligations then the contract made here may be unenforceable and invalid.

Get to know your customers

Understand what the purchase will do for your customers. Get in contact with them and call them and maybe Skype chat or even meet up in person. Your only way to lose money is if they are simply unable to pay the agreed debts, so it is in your interest to ensure that they are successful and easily able to afford the payments.

Get references to avoid fraud.

We allow ratings to be made per contract but these are just a guide. You should find third parties to give references for people you deal with. Credit checks can be gotten from a number of places and you may like to take advantage of these. Ultimately, however it is onlyy you decide on what you invest in. You take the risks and you get the profits when things go to plan.

Recent contracts on the site include

I bought a laptop for a busy single mum to help her get her small business going.She is paying for it over a period of 9 months. I should get a reasonable profit from the deal. Glad to be of help. The money made a bigger difference to her life than it could have made to mine and that is where the profit lies: Moving money to where can best be used.

I bought an appartment at an auction that was going cheap for someone who asked for help buying it. I sold it to him for a set of payments over the next two years making about 20% ROI on the deal.