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12/08/2015 13:16:18
Borrow the money to invest into a well known franchise so I can become my own boss, have financial freedom. A cheap car so I can travel to meet potential customers and deliver the products. I am asking for a gift/charity as I have had to take in my 1 year old grandtwins and will be looking after them permanently. I have had to give up my job to care for and settle them into my home. This is the only way I can think of to get me back into earning my own money instead of relying on state benefits and give them the life they deserve. If a gift/charity is not possible I am willing to pay back but it will be a very small amount each month until I am earning a decent amount
No payment - This is a request for an act of charity or a gift
Estimated Price
£2,000.00 (GBP)
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West midlands, United Kingdom
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