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20/08/2015 20:44:54
Hi there. A few months ago, my grandfather died. He lived for nearly 50 years, in a rented little house. Dispite being very small and in need of repairments, it has great value for me. The owner wiches to sell it, as quickly as possible, but for a much higher price than I was expecting. So, I manage to delay the sell a little bit, by giving him half the money, granting me time to raise the rest. It happens, sadly, that I'm having trouble fiding the remaining money, and I'm in risk of losing the maney I already gave him and of losing the house itself. So, I'm here to ask for help, so that I can buy my grandparents little house.
in 58 monthly installments with an initial payment of €60.00 (EUR)
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€3,500.00 (EUR)
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Crato, Portugal
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